<head> <meta content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1" http-equiv="Content-Type"> <title>Cinque animali: gru, leopardo, tigre, serpente e drago</title>

The crane

For the Chinese is the highest expression of grace. In combat prefers to stay away from "body to body," but uses its wings to take long distance opponents and wait for the right moment to attack with beak. Despite its image fragile the crane is a ferocious fighter, its high level of mobility and insistence in attacks makes it to be a tough opponent; emulating these characteristics, in the "style of cranes" are used very hands in the position of beak, where all the fingers are stretched and grouped together so that mutually reinforcing forces and create a surface to strike. The "style of crane" reinforces the tendons and ligaments and China is a symbol of longevity.

The tiger

And 'the animal stronger for the 5 of Shaolin, the movements are characterized by strength in' progress towards the opposition. The strong positions el 'irruenza nell'avanzamento damage to power strokes. The work of the feet and legs is designed to have a stable basis in the clashes. The hands in the "style of tigre" are usually shaped claw that mistakenly believed vangano used only for scratch, and (as does the tigre in kind) for the palm strikes the first goal and after the fingers close strongly to grasp and tear the skin. The tigre an animal is important in the culture and folklore of China and its style has always been considered effective for development and bone health.


The leopard

The leopard, despite being a "relative" of tigre, did not that big mass that allows him to crack a prey, so playing his cards on the ability to launch attacks fast. The leopard attacks with a series of jumps continued and fast towards its opponent. The large capacity of leopard is not to counter attacks, but ostruirli exhaustion and overload capabilities defensive opponent. The hand of the "style of leopard" Shaolin is made up of half fist with the knuckles of the fingers sovraesposte, which is why the handful of leopard was not born to hit areas bone, but above all the body parts most soft type back or throat . Traditionally the leopard is designed to increase strength and muscular endurance, and their explosive and speed.

The  snake

Snake is certainly considered the most dangerous animal on the planet, considering what can be fatal to their size. Inside of their nature has balanced characteristics of speed and mimetic so far seem to get its attacks from scratch. The "snake style" Shaolin has sought to embrace these particular characteristics and apply the techniques to bring to your opponent, so shots are always oriented towards targets vulnerable type eyes, throat and groin. The techniques of being very dangerous snake are used only if there is a real threat. The techniques of snake increase the concentration and the ability to "listen" to their inner energy, the study of this technique is traditionally used to enhance its chi, the basic rule of the serpent is neutralize an opponent with minimum effort and minimum risk to themselves.

The dragon

In Chinese mythology, the dragon was a creature elementary powerful almost a deity, was held responsible for things like storms and the regulation of the flow of rivers. He had the 'ability to change shape, size and even disappear and reappear freely. The Dragons had three to five claws for hands, the Imperial Dragon was the one with five claws. It was considered a perfect creature and not at all considered enemy of 'man, as it was in Europe (after considering the various legends of the fight between knights and dragons) represented mainly as the beast spits fire. For its countless features trasformista is absolutely the animal, 5 of Shaolin, more spiritual, the study of the "style of the Dragon" from the simple fact transcends include fighting techniques, but tends to study and knowledge and all ' increased strength Shen (maximum expression of inner Chi).